Tuesday , September 22nd 2020
    Best deals for mid tower cases.

Best ATX Case Under $100

Best ATX Case Under $100

PC Cases are sometimes a hard case to solve. If for one you should consider what your needs are first of all – should you opt for a Mini Tower or Full Tower at all? – you may as well start by understanding the limitations of having little to none expansion room in the first option or be stuck with a large case on the second. With that in mind, you may consider the best ATX cases as a compromise between space and something that actually fits your needs.

The answer lies in the very adaptable Mid Tower Case. With options aplenty, but we’re here to guide you through a couple of the best choices you can make for under $100.

Affordable Beauty

Cooler Master MasterBox Q500L mATX Tower.

This beauty supports a standard ATX motherboard and PSU.

Its internal space is maximized by allowing for the PSU to be mounted by repositioning it to fit your needs. Its default installation is in the bottom top/front in a vertical fashion to fully utilize internal space.

All panels are fully perforated to offer airflow for any fan configuration the builder needs.

The I/O panel is versatile and movable up to 6 different locations.

Price starts at only $59.99

Compact Wonder

The NZXT H510 keeps it neat and tidy. With its H series, the always incredibly beautiful NZXT can support Mini-ITX, MicroATX and ATX motherboards.

Its I/O Front USB type-C Port is in line with the latest technology and it has a simple to operate glass side panel with single screw installation allowing for fast and easy access to your components.

The H510 features two Aer F120mm fans that include optimal airflow. The case also includes removable filters to ensure excess dust is blocked off and easily cleaned.

Finally, you’ll find NZXT’s handy patented cable routing kit with pre-installed channels and straps that will make wiring easy and intuitive.

The beautiful NZXT H510 starts at only $69.99

Boxing Match

Rosewill Gaming ATX Mid Tower Cube Case

Cube cases look cool, are very adaptable and perfect to fit your furniture needs should you, for example, wish for a powerful media and gaming centre in your living room.

The Rosewill Cube delivers a dual chamber layout that separates hot components from cooler ones, allowing for ideal temperature flow within.

It comes with a fantastic tempered glass full window allowing for LEDs to shine through.

Its compact design allows for Mini ITX, Micro-ATX and ATX motherboards to be installed whilst still being considered a mid tower case.

The case is ready for water cooling installations for the most demanding users.

This great cubic option is available at only $85.29

Whatever your PC building needs, the mid tower case will always be a winner due to its versatility – allowing for multiple components, expansion room and ease of access. It’s neither too large and bulky nor limited regarding expansion and choice of components.

With prices under $100 for beautiful and highly capable and durable ATX cases, there is in fact little reason not to build the great PC you’ve always dreamt of.